General Rules and Regulations

General Rules & Regulation

  • Enrolment to the Bridges Academy implies on the part of the student and parent’s willingness to comply with the rules and regulations of the school.
  • The school session is from January to December.
  • The school authorities reserve to themselves the right to check the students’ correspondence; as far as possible correspondence should be done in English.
  • Punctuality to school for all activities must be practiced daily.
  • Participation in all extra-curricular and life skills activities is a must.
  • Proper ENGLISH language must be spoken at all times.
  • Habits of any destructive intent causing harm to a person or an object belonging to a student shall be seriously dealt with.
  • Use of cosmetics, ornaments, mobile phones and electronic gadgets are forbidden in the school.
  • Use of mobile phones and other internet gadgets in the school shall attract immediate dismissal from the school.
  • Junk food of any kind is strictly prohibited.
  • Unruly hair-cuts and untidy dressings are not allowed.
  • Parents are requested to meet the teachers about school matters or about their children only after contacting the head/dean.
  • Both parents are expected to attend the Parent-Teacher forum held from time to time.
  • Habits of chewing pan, smoking, drinking alcohol, and taking drugs etc is strictly prohibited within or outside the school premises.
  • Bullying is strictly prohibited inside the school premises and no such act will go unnoticed or unpunished.
  • The decision of the school authority with regard to any matters of the pupil is final.
  • No other external association or union or forms of worship will be allowed in the school premises.
  • Any other disciplinary requisites shall be imposed on a pupil.


  1. The management may at any time and without assigning reasons ask a parent to withdraw his child if he feels that such a course is in the best interest of the school.
  2. A parent wishing to withdraw his child must give the principal at least one month’s notice in writing. For shorter notices, a late withdrawal fee equivalent to one-half fees will be charged.
  3. Transfer certificate, school leaving certificate, testimonials and examination certificates will not be issued until all school dues are paid.
  4. Transfer certificates shall be issued upon receiving a written application on proper grounds with a fee of Rs.300/- only.


As per the guidelines of Govt. DoSE., SCERT & NBSE.

  1. Summer vacation. [June - July -- 25 days]
  2. Winter vacation. [Dec. - Jan. -- 35 days]