About Bridges Academy

Bridges Academy is an inclusive private K-10 institution established in 2015. It is affiliated to the Nagaland Board of School Education. It is established with firm values to promote, facilitate and sustain a happy, stable, safe and orderly environment in which children are educated and developed to their full potential.

Contemporary time is fast emerging, evolving, and is being driven by an astonishing pace of developments in technology and management encompassing all sectors. With these rapidly changing facets, it becomes imperative to blend a strong value system with a knowledge-centric approach. And there is a need for leaders who are mentally, emotionally, socially, and intellectually capable, who can channel the future towards glorious accomplishments.
Bridges Academy shall initiate to couple ethics with knowledge in providing an apt high education platform. The management extends a warm welcome to anyone to this temple of ‘values and wisdom’-filled atmosphere. We stand committed and continue to strive in pursuit of excellence grooming leaders towards the future that holds tremendous promises.
With a view to achieving this goal, the school is following a three-pronged approach: Ignite, Awaken and Enable.

Ignite the young intellectual minds proactively with the worlds of practice and policy.
Awaken a high-performance learning environment by supporting the pupil’s area of interest and talents.
Enable each individual’s capacity aiming to have an impact to build a secured tomorrow.


To ignite, awaken and enable the intellectual minds by imparting the knowledge and comprehension skills for holistic growth through quality education.


To promote a student-focused learning system in a safe, secure and stimulating environment that prepares students for success instilling a passion for life-long learning.

Why Bridges Academy?

Bridges Academy aims to provide the best educational curriculum to make students eligible for higher education in the institutions across the globe and also develop them to become entrepreneurs and society builders anywhere. BRIDGES will strive to encourage children to be proud of themselves and their achievements, to be proud of their friends and their school:

  • Where every person is valued.
  • Where all successes are shared.
  • Where equal opportunities are given.
  • Where every child is known and cared for.
  • Where lively enquiring minds are developed.
  • Where cooperation is preferred to the competition.
  • Where the well-being of our community is at heart.